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Dirty Ice

Flash Fiction

Flash fiction about what we do to protect what we love.

His Cold World

Short Story Fiction

Brief foray into a Lovecraftian style set in a frozen hellscape.

How Lion Got His Mane


A myth written in a West African tempo featuring a modern context.

The Sixth Surface

Short Story

A gruesome tale with an unreliable narrator. CW: body horror, infanticide, murder, scat, and other not very nice things

The Forever Game

Short Film

Film for my student capstone project at Sarah Lawrence. A fantasy piece about a student getting caught between two supernatural beings.

Eyes Beholden Act 1

WIP Screenplay

The first act for an animated feature set in a land where all but the most "noble" are cursed to have their bodies deformed.

Once Upon A Time In Yharnam

Fan Fiction

Narrative telling of the story of FromSoftware's Bloodborne from the perspective of an original character. Currently on hiatus.

Piper's Wish

Short Story

Longer piece set in my Candlewick Company setting, featuring Piper's origins.

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